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Green boats at glacier lagoon in Peruvian Andes

Huaraz, PERU in November 2015: Six green boats are waiting to be sailed across the blue glacier lagoon in the Peruvian Andes. Huaraz is a popular tourist destination for alpine hiking.

Dancers at Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe in Sucre

Sucre, Bolivia in September 2015: Thousands of Bolivians dress up for the annual festivity to honor the Virgin of Guadalupe

Street in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba is often refered to as birthplace of the Cuban revolucion. Posters of Fidel Castro advertise the revolucion

San Pedro de la Roca fortress

The San Pedro de la Roca fortress near Santiago de Cuba was built by the Spanish to fight pirate attacks

Street in Camaguey

The warm sunset light shines on the empty streets of the world heritage city centre in the Cuban city of Camaguey, a unique Latin American city in the Caribbean

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