Iguacu Falls

The famous waterfalls on the border between Argentina and Brazil carry huge amounts of water

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A Perspective of Hobart

Strwaling through Hobart I captured this art installation from a special perspective.

Beam of Light

Captured during Dark Mofo in 2013 from Tranmere.

Devil’s throat lookout

While the actual Iguazu Falls are situated in Argentina, the Brazilian side offers great views of the Iguacu Falls. On the walkway Devil’s Throat tourist get to feel the wetness of the falls

Iguacu Falls with rainbow

A rainbow forms above the IguaƧu Falls as giant amounts of water fall down the 82m high falls

Iguacu Falls late afternoon reflection

Where a crowd of people was standing just hours before, in the late afternoon a calm reflection of the impressive waterfall appears

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