Cuban Street Scenes - Page 2

The vibrant Caribbean island is full of colorful life. At any point of the day there is something going on on Cuba’s streets.

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Street scene of Cuban people walking in old Havana at sunset

Havana, Cuba on December 22, 2015: Cuban people walking in a street in old Havana at sunset. On the side of the road there are many oldtimers.

Man with whip guiding goat that pulls carriage with kids

Santa Clara, Cuba on December 26, 2016: A Cuban guy with a whip is guiding a goat that is pulling a small carriage. In the back of the carriage two young girls are enjoying the ride.

Horse carriage on streetside in Trinidad, Cuba at sunset

Trinidad, Cuba on December 29, 2015: In late afternoon light a horse carriage is waiting for passengers in front of colorful buildings in Trinidad, Cuba. Meanwhile a young boy is walking down the sideway.

Cuban Men Buying Beer from a Truck

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba on January 1, 2016: Cuban men buying beer from a truck to celebrate New Year. Cheap home brew beer is popular in Cuba

Man with dog in Camaguey

Man with dog walking in a street in Camaguey’s historic old town

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