In August 2015 I spent four days on a freight boat traveling up Rio Paraguay. This collections shows some moments of the journey on the Aquidaban, which is a floating supermarket as well as the only connection to the outside world for many indigenous Paraguayan communities.

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Sunset from Aquidaban

The sun setting over Rio Paraguay marks the end of day one on the freight boat Aquidaban

Clouds over Village

Just after sunrise the Aquidaban stops at a small mining village

People welcoming the Aquidaban

Indigenous people make their way to the jetty to make their grocery shopping on the floating supermarket boat. Also they welcome their relatives arriving with the Aquidaban

Sunrise from Aquidaban

The Aquidaban keeps making its way upstream. On day three the boat is headed to Fuerte Olimpo, the last bigger settlement before Bahia Negra

Aquidaban on Rio Paraguay

The Aquidaban on the fourth and final day of it’s journey to Bahia Negra

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