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For long exposure photography I reduce the light on the camera sensor which enables me to set the exposure to a longer time than usually. With moving subjcts this creates a stunning effect. For daytime long-exposure photography I use a ND64 and a ND1000 filter.

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Iguazu Falls Waterfall

Close long exposure of the Iguazu Falls

Berlin Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz is probably the most famous square in Berlin. Once the center of communist Germany it cannot escape the modern world.

Brandenburg Gate

Berlin is a fascinating city at night. Not only the Brandenburg Gate ist lightened up at night, but various places in the city.




Bundestag with German flag

On some days it is possible to visit the Bundestag, the seat of German government, at night. This is where I captured this shot of the German flag in the wind.

Over the sea

Long exposure captured from Tranmere looking at Hobart

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