Black & White

I learned to love Black and White photography when taking photos with an old film camera and developing them in the dark room. Black and White photography plays with light and shadows.

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Morning in Brisbane

Black and white street scene in morning light im Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Street Reflection in Motorbike

A street in Auckland reflecting in a shiny motorbike

Yellow Car in White Parking Lot

A yellow VW driving through a parking lot at Auckland harbor stands in strong contrast with its white surroundings

Drama in Barcelona

A perfect light made this photo of a statue on the Palau de la Música Catalana in Barcelona possible.

Port Arthur Prison

The first time I went to Port Arthur I captured a shot of the prison cells on film for a school project on analog cameras. When I went to Port Arthur another time, I decided to reproduce this shot and edit it to a stunning black and white image.

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